Dolphin Tale /  BoardMember / Alcon Entertainment / C. Martin Smith
Thirst:  Mark / UCF / Sylvana Fernandez
Shades of Passion:  Marcus Hubbard / UCF / Barbie Veitch
Final Destination 4:  Race Fan / FlipZide Pictures / New Line Cinema
ManTrap: Anthony / Northstar Pictures / Alex Von Pelet
20 Minutes to Life:  Andrew / Full Sail Productions / Tom Dennis
Above the Earth:  David / Full Sail Productions / Alex Jaffe
Monster:  Cop / Media 8 Entertainment / Patty Jenkins

 Got Home Alive! / John Silverwood /  The Travel Channel
$40 a Day with Rachel Ray:  Server / Pie Town Productions
Angel of Death: Aileen Wournous:  Mike Joyner / Discover Channel
Ask A Lawyer:  John Anderson / WMFE-TV / Ulen Hodges, Producer
Dr. G Medical Examiner:  Trooper Evans / Discovery Health / Atlas

PREO Marketplace / Host / EyeVox
Publix Prevention Plus:  Host 
Extreme Makeover:  Publix Edition /   Host
HIlton Grand Vacations:  Principal / O2 Pictures
Active Parenting:  Principal  / Avid Neo Geo
Kodak:  Principal / Jainey Productions
Total Gym: Principal w/ Christie Brinkliey / American Telecast
Gazel w/ Tony Little:  Principal / Quest Television
Ideal Health:  Principal / Direct Stars Television

Tell Us What We've Won:  Lead / Art's Sake / Fringe Festival
Rocky Horror: Brad / SAK Theater / Infinity Productions
Journey With Angels:  Lead / Van Wezel Performing Arts Center
Anything Goes:  Supporting / The Player's Theater / Gary Bruel

ALTICAST / Product Demonstrator / The Cable Show 2012 
 *Show in  Boston, MA.
ROCKWELL SOFTWARE/ Lab Sessions Manager / RSTechED 2012
AVMA 2011 /  MC-Host for IAMS and Proctor & Gamble
* Show in St. Louis, MO.
ASTRAZENECA / Role played as a patient to assist Rep training
ROCKWELL SOFTWARE/ Lab Sessions Manager / RSTechED 2011
GE HEALTHCARE / Product Demonstrator / JWilliams Agency
ADB / Product Representative / Expo Stars International
*Shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, & Orlando
SONOSITE / Product Demonstrator / AHA / Scientific Sessions '09
CARDIOdynamics / Product Demonstrator / AHA / Scientific Sessions
ARTSY AUCTIONS/ Product Demonstrator / Alles Productions
NAHB INT'L Home Builder'sTour guide for New American Home 
2011 & 2012

Scott has represented the following Commercial Clients:    (partial list)